Online training & professional coaching

Applied intercultural competence and communication

International cooperation, IT, marketing and sales projects fail mainly for lack of social and intercultural competence. Activate your communication skills, especially internationally, with online training and online coaching to turn your professional challenges into real success.

Online training

My online training courses are open to everyone. They are affordable, to allow everyone to progress professionally in their free time.
These online training courses are mainly intended for the English-speaking world.
A training session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Professional coaching

Online coaching is a solution to meet an individual need, a difficulty at the professional level for example by international activities including IT projects. With coaching, you remain an expert in your field and your universe, but activate personal resources opening up new perspectives with NLP methods.

My philosophy

JF Kaertner NLP Master
J.-Frédéric Kaertner © privat

Our ability to adapt to changes in technologies and markets determines more than ever the cultural and economic position of our societies in the world. In this context, knowing how to communicate in order to cooperate to develop projects beyond cultural and linguistic barriers is a decisive advantage, both within the European Union and with the rest of the world.

J.-Frédéric Kaertner
Economist – Guest author at German WEKA-Media editions – NLP Master

The main themes

Cultural awareness

cross cultural Awareness
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Cultural awareness is a factor of success. It is a faculty that continues to develop over the course of life and projects. It can be developed in a targeted manner to solve professional challenges internationally.

Intercultural marketing

international Marketing
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The standardization of your offers has reached its limits and you want to orient your international marketing policy and the marketing-mix towards cultural aspects, but also generational aspects specific to your target groups.

Project communication

international project management
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International IT, development and cooperation projects fail for lack of communicative and intercultural competence. Learn to calibrate your interpersonal and team communication to achieve project goals.